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St Agnes XO Brandy - 24K Gold Zamak Stoppers/Neck/Base

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In 2015, when we were firstly developing the gift boxes for this top Premium Australian XO Brandy brand - St Agnes Brandy, due to our successful work for the boxes, we were additionally offered a chance to bid on the metal elements as well. At that time, the client was facing challenge with their European supplier's work progress, and feeling anxious to have this project launched in time.

It only took two weeks, our team worked out 3D mold samples, then first round of metal prototypes. The client was surprised by our quick respond and competence in product development, yes, they are very happy with the effect working out. Shortly, we received approval to proceed with pre-production sample. We got the order!

We are much honored to offer our support to the client's needs, and keep supplying to this successful product. Appreciate the trust a lot.


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