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Uniqueness sheath for Sterling Vineyards Iridium

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At the 69th Emmy Awards, the stainless steel fitment developed by us Lykwell for the pinnacle Iridium of winemaking lit up the whole stage. This sophisticated stainless steel craft product blends perfectly with the wine to get very high reputation the worldwide.

After showing on the market, we soon received a thank-you letter from Ms Margaret Papadakis, category manager of Treasure Wine Estates, the wine sponsor of the 69th Emmy Awards. She said happily as below:

“The metal fitment Lykwell developed for us really makes this product shine!

Thank you for all your support to make this happen. We love the result and have been getting so many acknowledgements on the packaging.”

After receiving design file from TWE, We quickly finished 3-D mould within 3 days to get the right direction, and then moved to actual mould in 15 days to get the project went on smoothly to save their time, which impress them greatly to delivery small batches timely to meet Emmy Awards.

LYKWELL's professionalism and high efficiency in the stainless steel field, coupled with good communication, make everything impossible to be easy and get twice the result with half the effort.

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